Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tutorial 3 with Google Sketchup.

Always export 2D images from google sketchup, do not ever print screen shot. 
Open the sketchup model from blackboard, and then upload the model, camera view should be eye level then we add a scene on the top of the scenes tab.

then we triple click the chairs, then we hit the B key for paint bucket, we choose a colour to paint the chairs. 
We use the magnifying glass to change the view for the camera, by pressing shift. 
Then we export the model to 2d graphic, and click options when we want to save, make the width 2000 pixels.
Window, styles, then under edit, tick profile, extensions and endpoints.
once you have exported all the 2d graphic images, you stack every picture on photoshop ontop of each other in one window.
After we played with the sketchup model with the materials and styles , we make shadows, to make the place look realistic.  Also we try and find an image of a person walking as shown, on the internet, to put in the scene.  To make the shadow of the person, what I have done was, I have opened the person on a separate window, selected the person and copied onto the scene, dropped the opacity bar low, to 22% to make it look faint, after this step, to make the shadow completely black,  I have painted it after I have selected it with the paint bucket tool.  

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